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We May Have To Change Toronto’s Name, To ‘Strike City’..!

Posted on by Darren Osborne

We’re waiting for details on the Toronto Inside workers contract vote, and now, we hear the York U’s Teachers Assistants will be in a legal strike position as of April 12th!  (I think we’re living in ‘Strike City’!)

Officials with the City of Toronto are calling their final offer to inside workers fair for both employees and taxpayers.

Although the union won’t tell its members which way to vote, the city says it is confident the CUPE Local 79 members will vote in favour of the contract.

Despite the fact that the 23,000 inside workers, which include daycare workers to recreation-centre staff to ambulance dispatchers, voted overwhelmingly in favour of job action, the city says it doesn’t think they want to walk off the job.

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday says in these touch economic times, the city’s final offer has been more than fair.

“It’s a good deal for the employees, as was 416. Council has ratified the matter without a dissenting vote, it leaves them with one of the best contracts in all of Canada,” Holyday said.

The CUPE 79 members are set to hold a ratification vote on Wednesday, and the city’s HR boss Bruce Anderson says the city will be ready if the workers reject the deal.

“We could lock them out or we could impose terms and conditions, we could impose these terms and conditions, we could implement other terms and conditions,” Anderson said.

The offer is said to be similar to the one accepted by Toronto’s outside workers last month.

“The offer that Local 79 members will be voting on is fair, reasonable and affordable. It is very similar to the Local 416 agreement ratified last month and we are confident that Local 79 members will ratify the deal,” Holyday said.

In the event the offer isn’t accepted, Tim Maguire said Local 79 will wait for the city to respond before taking any possible job action.

Highlights of the offer include a four-year term with job security and wages and benefits that are almost identical to the 416 agreement that was ratified unanimously by city council in February. Read more about the offer here.

Full details of the offer will be only released once the agreements are ratified by the Local 79 membership and approved by city council.

And, at the same time, there could be a strike at York University!

Students at York University might have trouble getting their final marks as teaching assistants could be off the job as early as April 12.

That’s when the 3,300 teaching assistants are in a legal strike position.

Both sides were scheduled to meet with a concilliator last Thursday and Friday, but there’s no word on whether those meetings were successful.

Wages, class size and graduate funding are the main issues.

Wow…it seems like we are constantly just waiting for the next possible strike in Toronto! (I mean, ‘Strike City’)…lol

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