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New Rules For Older drivers?

Posted on by Darren Osborne

Tougher rules are on the way for elderly Ontario drivers, the province’s transportation minister says.

Bob Chiarelli told The Toronto Star that as the population ages, there are more drivers with cognitive impairments on the road.

As such, the province may consider graduated licensing for seniors, similar to the controls placed on new drivers.

Doctors may also be required to notify the province if they have a patient with cognitive impairments.

Under the current system, motorists with a full G license who have not yet reached the age of 80 can drive unchecked as long as they have never had an accident.

After the age of 80, drivers must take a yearly test.

Chiarelli said he expected changes to the current rules will be implemented within the next six months to a year.

Do you think this will make the roads safer? Or are the elderly NOT the problem?

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